Setting up the GX440

I am going to be using a GX440 to Communicate with 2 other GX440’s in the field through verizon to display on a SCADA package (iFix 5.5) I have never used cellular to do this, can anyone help on configuration of GX440

Setting up the cellular account with the GX440 and Verizon is straightforward. As long as the GX440 is registered with Verizon and SIM card that is active there is nothing you need to configure in the modem to bring it online. If you need help setting up your SCADA system with the GX440’s we would recommend contacting your reseller as they normally have templates on what needs to be set.

If you need to initiate a connection to the GX440 modem from either the public Internet, or from other GX440 modems, then you’ll need to bring this up with Verizon so that the correct (for lack of a better word) kind of IP address can be assigned to your modem.

If you don’t specify, your modems will get a 10.X.X.X address that goes through a many to one NAT for traffic destined for the public Internet. The NAT would prevent new connections TO a modem.