GX440, Verizon, PLC

I have a project where I need to use a Verizon enabled dynamic WAN SIM card in a to talk to a single PLC.
As this is my very first foray into a cellular modem, I humbly need some help.

The PLC can have any IP as it’s the only device on the system.

Must I have a static WAN SIM address? (School project so money is an issue)
Can I dial-in using phone number somehow as the phone number is static?

I noted several other GX series posts with no real info for my needs.

OK, now a bit more clear on what I need to do, I think: https://www.sierrawireless.com/resources/support/AirLink/docs/AppNotes/IP_Manager(client)_Configuration.pdf


The specs of my GX440- Verizon dynamic ip, Aleos Firmware 4.4.4

You can refer to the 2 following suggestions.
1/ Please check your Verizon enabled dynamic WAN SIM to see if you can access to the SIM card’s IP address. You can use https://ping.eu/ to do that. If you can access to the IP address, then it’s easy for you to connect the PLC to GX440.
2/ If the IP address of SIM card is inaccessible. Then you could consider setting up a VPN tunnel for your GX440 and your router using OpenVPN.

Thanks for the quick reply. I can ping the SIM IP, but it changes randomly thus the issue I’m having.

I thought I would be able to make it use the DDNS to go thru a DNS static address (raven.XXX.XXX) on a subdomain but can’t get it to work. I have the port forwarding all setup as per the Sierra documents, but obviously I’ve missed something.
Would updating the firmware to the latest help anything?
Thanks and look forward to your reply.

It’s recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware version.
Besides, you could try some following steps to help narrow down your issue.
======Below steps are to check if DDNS works correctly=======
1/ Go to ACEmanager webview (Eg:
2/ Make sure you configure the DDNS correctly. If possible, please capture the configuration of your DDNS.
3/ Configure Remote Access following the picture below

4/ Reboot the GX440 to make the change effective
5/ Access to ACEmanager through your FQDN that you configured in DDNS to make sure your DDNS works correctly

======Check if port forwarding works correctly======
1/ Go to ACEmanager --> Security Tab --> Port Forwarding
2/ Enable Port Forwarding and please capture your configuration of Port forwarding.
3/ Make sure Trusted IPs Inbound & outbound are empty
4/ You could try port forwarding WAN 80 to LAN 80 with host web server (Eg: the server connects to GX440 through ethernet port). You also need to check the settings of proxy in browser of your checking PC. If possible, you could use Wireshark to capture packets.
If the checking PC can connect to the web server, Port forwarding then works fine on your GX440.
5.If Port forwarding works fine with host web server on your GX440, then it will be ok for your PLC

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Thanks! I’ll be tinkering with it sunday and let you know the results.

Here’s what I’ve got:

Port Forwarding:

This has me confused: is supportedns the server??

It seems that your DDNS configuration is not correct. Please follow the below links to have it configured correctly:
1/ https://www.sierrawireless.com/resources/support/AirLink/docs/AppNotes/IP_Manager(client)_Configuration.pdf
2/ Or you could refer to the Software configuration user guide (located at https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/hardware_reference_docs/airlink_gx_series_userguide/#sthash.6Zd9fe5U.dpbs)

OK, I’m lost as for the IP Manager Server1 Key (and whatever else is amiss with my config). I was able to get the Domain from the ISP which should have been s5.supportedns.com.

Port forwarding to the 9191 port is unnecessary when you already enabled remote access to the ACEmanager. So please remove the 9191 port forwarding.
Besides, the user guide states that if you use IP manager for DDNS, you should use Sierra Wireless-hosted IP Manager server. Domain : eairlink.com; IP Manager Server 1: edns2.eairlink.com. I don’t know if the server that you have been using actually works
So please check if your DDNS actually works by accessing ACEmanager via your domain name (eg: http://yourdomainname:9191/admin/ACEmanagerX.html#)

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OK, more to this story, I can’t get my provider to open PORT 502 or any of the other ports.

Is there any DNS providers that have this port open? Is the AirLink from Sierra usable by anyone?

Thanks for your help!


DNS doesn’t have anything to do with Port open. I guess that you use PORT 502 for modbus application. I suggest you should use PORT 802 instead for a better security.

Yes, my provider won’t allow anything port wise except the standard 80 & 8080 to be opened. I am able to do what I need using port 80.

I appreciate your help.