Not able to connect to the network and see GPS is working or not

GNSS is working but some commands that you send are getting error. However, can I check https?

I think it is because you have typed the command wrongly.
What do you mean by check https?
Using curl?

yes, how to check https to make sure the data service is active. any example with curl?

there are a lot of examples in the internet:

Hi, it works with curl. Now, need to test a LED ON and OFF with a Yellow board. Could you please help me?

does this help?

I also saw there is one AT command to control one LED:

I could not find the LED apps in the module.

AT command works with Power/network/Cloud LED where i have used 0

But, how to change the LED state of the Generic tri-color LED? what is the LED no? I would like to write code to change the LED state.

did you download the Mangoh version software to your module?

Or you can compile the mangoh yellow layer by yourself ( I saw there is /apps/LedService and /linux_kernel_modules/led/):

Or you might try the octave version and see if there is such app:

I will check those.

However, I have IoT expansion card, Just wondering if can i use GPIO pins to LED ON and OFF from this IoT expansion card? If so, how to, please explain. Thanks

You need to check schematic and see which gpio is connected

thanks, we are working on it.

Just wondering about the location accuracy. I have found 10m. But the sierra wireless module page, it has stated that the WP77 series can give an accuracy of less than 1.5 m. My application is highly dependent on accuracy. Could you please help with that?

do you mean the third parameter of command AT!GPSFIX?
Can you give some log to show your problem?

No, it says here that the location accuracy will be around 2m but i have got 10m.


I think this depends on the signal

i depends on the received signal that is correct but in the clear sky, I have got this accuracy. Is there any other way to improve the accuracy? maybe using data service or any other APIs or any other WP module?

maybe there is some cloud that will affect the signal

Are you using agps?

Does it have improvement in AT!GPSFIX?

i think, No i am not using agps. And i will check AT!GPSFIX? and get back to you.

how to configure agps then? i have found it here, but which mode?

if you use SUPL, you need to use msAssist
if you use XTRA, you can use msBase