Can WP7702 use A-GNSS with octave

We already know that WP7702 support GNSS function with Octave UI.
But our customer would like to use A-GNSS function. Can we use A-GNSS function with WP7702 module with Octave or not?

Hello Takashi,

While assisted GPS is not directly supported by Octave, I will need to experiment to see if it can be utilized along side of Octave. I will let you know hopefully tomorrow.

Hello Takashi,

Short answer is that Octave does not yet support configuration of the GNSS settings. While you can override the default GNSS settings, in particular gnss set agpsMode to utilize AGPS, after a reboot or firmware upgrade, the setting is set back to default == “AGPS mode: Standalone”.

I think this is a good option for Octave in terms of TTFF and I will suggest this to our product team. This option could have an impact on the device data usage and logic to support global mobile carriers and situations where AGPS is not supported.

Good question Takashi, thank you very much for your useful posts.

                    gnss set agpsMode <ModeType>
                            - Used to set agps mode. ModeType can be as follows:
                                    - alone -----> Standalone agps mode
                                    - msBase ----> MS-based agps mode
                                    - msAssist --> MS-assisted agps mode
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