How to get GNSS location using mangOH yellow in Octave

I and our customer tried to get GNSS location using mangOH yellow with WP7702 in Octave.
But we did not succeed to get GNSS location from mangOH yellow with WP7702 yet.
I saw the similar requirement in the following forum.

Please let us know did SWI modify GNSS location for mangOH yellow with WP7702 in Octave?
And plan to fix it or not plan to fix it?

I checked WP7702 after “true” setting in Octave. But WP7702 did not start GNSS location by AT!GPSSTATUS.
When I send “AT!GPSTRACK=1,255,100,1000,1” command to WP7702, WP7702 start to calculate GNSS location and start to send location data to Octave.
So, I think that Octave did not send GNSS start requirement or WP7702 in mangOH yellow did not start GNSS location by Octave requirement yet.

Hello Takashi,

What version of firmware is the mangOh yellow on? Could you send me a link to the device?

Thanks for your quick reply. Please see my mangOH yellow parameter in attached file.
AT_Command_log_yellow.txt (681 Bytes)

Hello Takashi,

Octave devices are meant to be fully use within the Octave environment (Services/Resources etc…). Anything done at the AT level might be overrident by the Octave settings and are therefore not supported.

Using the GNSS location therefore requires you to use the /location/coordinates/ related settings and output to control the location service and get location readings