Not able to connect on Sierra FX30, but able to connect on Generic FX30

I got a Sierra FX30s, able to change the baud rate to 19200 however, I’m not able to connect, or more like I’m not able to bring the device back up (it’s always showing the red light).

There is a Generic FX30 which is working perfectly, but Sierra FX30 isn’t working for. Tried swapping the SIM cards, checked the cables, and it still didn’t come up for Sierra FX30.

Is this something I need to do to reset the device for it to work or any other suggestions will work. Please let me know.

what SIM card are you going to use in your use case?

Standard SIM card. Is this something that will make a difference?

then you should use the GENERIC PRI

How does this work? Can you please explain?
What could be the reasons let’s say for 2 FX30s to have same configurations and one is working and the other one has a red light on it (basically, not coming up)?

PS: If you work for Sierra Wireless, let me know I can reach out to you via Teams. This is a bit urgent.

they are not in same configuration, you say that one is in GENERIC, another one is SIERRA

BTW, did you contact distributor if this is a bit urgent?

Created a case but no response for now

Firmware versions
Generic Modem - SWI9X06Y c3f5ef
Sierra Modem - SWI9X06Y c094f4

why don’t you just use the same GENERIC configuration?