No way to search ongoing trace output


I can’t find a way to search ongoing trace output.

There is no search (ctrl-f) functionality in the traces window, unlike say, the console window.

Also, if you’re logging the output to a file, it’s not possible to open the file even for read-only access (at least on Windows).

Thus, the only way I can see to search the trace output is to stop the logging and then open up your grep utility or whatever, but this is a problem if you’re not done logging yet. (I could re-activate logging to file, but I really shouldn’t have to stop things just to do a search.)

I think this is a bug - if so I’ll put it in the 1.2.0 bug thread.

In TMT, you could start a new logfile with just one simple button click - see: Trace Recording is a pain

A one-button click to start a new log file (which of course didn’t skip logs or write the same one twice to a file) would be nice.

I also don’t know why Dev Studio prevents me from reading the file that’s being written from another application - that’s pretty standard for log files, right?

We’ve already logged an enhancement request for adding a filtering capability on the traces view, which could be a sort of search capability. This will be implemented in the next release.

About the file locking issue, we experienced real issues with MS Excel (most of times default viewer for CSV files) when a file was opened both in Excel and DS. That’s why we’ve preferred locking the file while DS is writing in it.