Trace Recording is a pain


TMT could be set permanently into ‘record to file’ mode, and a new file could be started simply and quickly with just 1 click on the ‘New File’ button.

The procedure with DS is far more cumbersome - particularly to change the log file:

  1. Click the ‘Stop Logging’ button - to close the old file;
  2. Click the ‘Clear View’ button (othewise traces already logged in the old file will be duplicated in the new file);
  3. Click the ‘Start Logging’ button;
  4. Accept the the proposed filename & location;

I often want to change the log file during a session; eg, after the end of one test, prior to starting the next.


ok, we’ll have look to enhance this particular use case.


Thanks - what I’d like to see is:

  • Option to start trace recording as soon as the COM port is opened, using the default file name (based on port+date+time), and a project-based location - with no user interaction required;
  • Single-click button to start a new file during logging - again, no further user interaction.

It would be good if the buttons to control logging could be grouped the same in both Trace and AT Console windows.

Would it be possible to have a single button to start both trace & AT logging?


We’ll have a look to this too, some kind of “grouped logging” feature…



Would it also be possible to have “grouped logging” on multiple COM ports…?


ok, added to the wish list too :wink:


Any update on this?

Really, really need that one-click button to “start a new file” - as TMT had.

Also, the option to immediately start logging - with out having to explicitly request it each time.
And, preferably, have a project-specific location for the log file (not workspace-specific).

And remember the timestamping setting. And the column widths.

The Scroll Lock button is a bit small & fiddly - and too close to the ‘delete traces’ button!


A new DS 2.1.0 release should be available in about one month (2nd half of August).
Some requests you’ve made are integrated in it, some other not yet; we’ll see what it’s possible to do for this one.


First-look results with v2.2.1:

Close - but no cigar:

The ‘Switch logging into a new file’ brings up a dialogue, and the default folder is not the one of the current log file!

This really needs to be just one click to just start a new file, but otherwise as before.

Still have to repeat everything for both Traces and Console.


Actually, it seems like the first time you use the ‘Switch logging into a new file’ button it uses the project default location (instead of the currently-selected logging location), but subsequent uses will remember any change!


We’ll have a look to clarify the logging behavior for proposed path.

  • remove the prompt when switching to new file


This is still a pain - no change (ie, no improvement) from 2.1.0

  • Still have to start Trace & Console logging separately, and navigate separately to the required folder for each;
  • Still get prompted separately for Trace & Console to switch to a new file
  • Still have to navigate again separately for Trace & Console on the first use of ‘switch to a new file’

In addition, the Traces window scrolling is completely messed-up! :angry:

You have to scroll up to find the control buttons, then scroll back down again to see the latest traces!

There needs to be an option to switch the filter section off when it’s not being used.

The re-sizing of the filters/traces doesn’t work properly.


A “start logging” action is present in the Devices view since several versions now, which allow to start immediately to log both Traces and Commands, in the default path

We’ve implemented the improvements: will be integrated in 2.3.1

What is your screen height? you probably need to scroll because the view height is too big for your resolution…
What do you mean by the resizing doesn’t work properly?


I also had this size problem, opened and closed the traces view a few times and it came right!