Saving Trace Files Not Working

Does anyone know why saving the traces to a log file no longer seems to be working properly in the new M2M Studio? In the old TMT, after starting a save, all traces would get logged. In the new M2M studio, it seems to re-write the log file everytime a new trace is displayed and only writes the currently displayed traces in the viewer, not any older ones (i.e. when you open the trace file it basically gives you a snapshot of what the viewer is currently showing, no history). Anyone else having this problem?

with me it seems to show a longer history than the message window.
if you start a new trace it rewrites the log-file (i actually like that behaviour…)
maybe an incremental log-file option?

I get the same behaviour: seems that the logged file is an exact copy of the displayed traces log (but actually refreshed only when new traces come)
E.g. if you hit the clear button, the log file is untouched, but as soon as at least one new trace comes, the file is cleared, and only contains the new ones… :frowning:

I would expect a behaviour close to TMT’s one: traces logged to the file should be always appended to the file content.
Maybe an interesting option (for Madouc :wink: ): the clear button should be configurable to clear only the traces view, or both the view and the file.