losing traces on the 're-sync debug mode' button

wow. i did manage to miss the introduction of the ‘re-sync debug mode’ button entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

but now i did discover it, i also spotted a problem with it.
when the traces are not being logged, but the traces view is visible (saying that the traces are not being logged)
i can use the ‘re-sync debug mode’ button… which results in immediate trace-loss,
because the module is told to send the traces, but the view isn’t logging yet.

the button should be grayed out in this mode, and only be available when the traces (should be) are running.

The button was introduced to workaround the synchronization loss between M2M Studio and the target, when this one resets “out of M2M Studio control” (e.g. hardware reset, crash, etc…)
As part of the TM refactoring, we expect to have a reliable mechanism to detect target resets, and also to add capability to stay in debug mode over a reset. If we reach these goals, this button should not be useful anymore and will disappear.