m2m studio -> devboard sync trouble

quite often the synchronisation between the devboard (Q26x devboard -> serial/usb -> pc ->m2m studio) is lost or a tiny bit off.

right now i’m seeing all my traces double! (better still… with different timecode-addons (ie
09/04/21,01:17:10:765 - 001 ADL 2 buddie found, num: 0
09/04/21,01:17:10:765 - 002 ADL 2 buddie found, num: 0

and still the application is unaware of a crash of the module :frowning:


Try doing a “Refresh Target Info Tree” (the green arrows in the Target Info Window) when you get out of sync. This works for me.

I’ve also found I have to do this before being able to configure or change my trace settings.

ciao, Dave