When using the traces feature in the Target Management perspective I get alot of ATI traces which are numbers rather than ASCII, and they don’t look like the hex versions of ascii strings. I mainly see them on ATI level 4 but have seen then on levels 1 & 13 too. ATI level 2 messages are readable.
Over time I see duplicates of each trace. If I reboot M2M they go away.
The scroll lock feature doesn’t work as well as it used to TMT. If you apply it you can move to the trace you were interested in, but the next trace output scrolls up the screen. Your view doesn’t return to the lastest trace, but it is not “locked”.

Anyone else seeing this?

[FSU 20, R7.3, M2M 1.0.2]


Never mind “doesn’t work as well” - it is Broken! :angry:

It works for one or two clicks of the ‘Scroll Lock’ button, but then it just seems to lose track of the button state and totally ignores it!

I think the Target Management perspective is a significantly retrograde step from TMT - it may be integrated now, but it just doesn’t work as well.

I think going back to the non-integrated TMT is going to be more productive than messing about with the Target Management perspective! :angry:

[Q2686, R7.2a, M2M 1.0.2]


Well, I’m glad its not just me. I can’t really go back to TMT so easily as I’m on Vista now. Humph. :frowning:



And I’ve had to drop back to the stand alone TMT a couple of times now to try and track down an exception issue I was having as the integrated TM Perspective wasn’t fast enough to catch the top of the exception dump.

There’s still some work to be done here, I think.

ciao, Dave


No - there is a lot of work to be done!

The M2MStudio Trace handling is not just a step back from TMT - it is several large leaps!

  • As already noted, the ‘Scroll Lock’ does not work;
  • The timestamping with a full 9999 year date is ridiculous! It just takes up an unnecessarily large amount of valuable space in the window!
  • The old TMT would automatically name the files based on the start date & time; that made it easy to quickly start a new log. Now you have to manually type a name each time.

etc, etc,…


TMT needs only one simple update - even if it’s just an interim solution: