No coverage in Germany and the Netherlands

The last days our devices lose connection when entering Germany (from Denmark). Our devices in Denmark can connect to Octave but those in Germany and the Netherlands just keep having the red light on (FX30S).

Can anyone confirm this or perhaps come up with a solution?

One of the devices is this one: d610bd46e76678ee4207f50e2


Hi jj1,

It may be related to Sierra sim roaming. You should contact Sierra support to check your sim roaming capability in Germany/Netherlands


Hi Jerdung,
They are currently investigating it. I am still curious to hear if others are affected.


According to Sierra Wireless the problems is due to the SIM taking too much time to scan LTE bands that are not available. The suggested solution is to track down each device, connect a laptop and via ssh issue a series of AT commands to change the configuration.

This is not really doable in our situation so until Sierra Wireless comes up with a better solution we won’t get our devices online.

We have the same problem. FX30S devices stopped working in Ukraine, while in the USA the same devices with the same firmware work.
Fixing this with AT commands will not work, because devices do not allow connecting to them via the USB interface (ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out).
It seems to me that the devices periodically reboot, because the red LED lights up periodically.
What should I do?


I am sorry to hear that you also struggle with this but at least I am not alone now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sierra Wireless are working on an OTA solution but that of course that the devices are able to get a connection at some point. You can reach out to Benoit Tournier (btournier@sierra…com) for more information in this.

I think the device will stay on if you just disconnect the antenna and then you should be able to ssh into it.

Disconnecting the antenna does not help.
The LED is red and I still can’t connect via SSH.
Thanks for the contact.

Hi V.Babich,

Is the client side network configuration set up right and does the fx30 respond to ping requests?

I think that the network configuration is correct, because two weeks ago all devices worked without problems.
Devices are not responding to pings.