Newbie - How to setting the modem

Hi …
I am a newbie.

I have two new modem Fastrack Supreme 10. I use these modem to connect a microcontroller (datalogger) with a PC. Microcontroller will send the data to a PC through GPRS / GSM.

  1. What should I do?
  2. How do I configure it?

Yesterday I used the RS232 cable for communication between Microcontroller with the PC. So, the modem is replacing the RS232 cable

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You said “modem is replacing the RS232 cable”, I assume you are going to use TCP/IP over internet to fulfill your requirement.

What kind of data is going to send from/to the microcontroller?

One easy way is you can first run WIPSoft/OpenAT on Fastrack to establish a TCP session with PC server and then you can send or receive data on your MCU.

Depends how much you want to do with OpenAT or make change of your MCU, it’s just few operations to do.

Hope this helps.