Fastrack Supreme attached to an ATMEGA16

hi, I want to connect the Fastrack Supreme to a microcontroller ATMEGA16.

Please, somebody who help to develop an aplicattion on the Fastrack Supreme to get data from the Microcontroller, and then, send those data via GPRS to a server, which have a public IP.

Another question: It is necesary the use of CTS, RTS(Handshake) between comunication of the Fastrack and ATMEGA16(microcontroller)?

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You have a couple of choices for the physical connection:

  1. A standard RS232 connection between the ATMEGA’s UART and UART1 or UART2 on the Fastrack;
  2. Use the I2C, SPI, or GPIO on the plug-in IO card.

And a few choices about the higher-level operation:

  1. Just use the Fastrack as a dumb modem, and do everything via standard AT commands;
  2. Use WIPSoft to take advantage of the IP stack within the Fastrack;
  3. Create an Open-AT application within the Fastrack to manage all the GSM/GPRS stuff, and leave the ATMEGA to do just the stuff that the Fastrack can’t

You should really be talking to your Wavecom distributor to discuss these (or other) options…

The Fastrack User Guide specifically discusses this…

I choose the first option A standard RS232 connection between the ATMEGA’s UART and UART1 or UART2 on the Fastrack;

I have a problem, Lamentably, I am new in the management of this device, I have just bought a fastrack supreme…

Please help me to make an application in the fastrack , I need this application because I am doing a project school wich consist
on the next:

A microcontroller (ATMEGA16) is running an application and at the same time it sends 3 bytes of information every 30 seconds to the fastrack , then this devide should encapsulate this information for can send this data via GPRS to a server which has a Public IP.

Also I need that the fastrack send one character(A,B,C) every 5 minutes In agreement an hour (for example if the time is between 5 to 11 am , the fastrack will send the character “A” ),this characters are sent to the microcontroller(ATMEGA16) and finally I need receive data on the fastrack from a PC-application which is locate back to the server, and this data(1 byte) also sent to microcontroller.

PD. I attached a diagram of my application. It can help you to understand the porpouse of the project.
I hope you excuse me for my english ,because I from Ecuador -South America…

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Ok, thanks a lot for your help. I’m going to read the guides, to can create the aplication. If I have a problem, can I write you? so you could help me.

KInd Regards.