New RV50 cannot get SMS to work

I purchased a RV50 for Sprint just for SMS messaging. But no matter what I try, outgoing SMS messages do not wget delivered. If I test from the GUI, it comes back “Successfully sent the command”

from telnet:
at*smsm2m=“1740262xxxx this is a test”

I confirmed with Sprint that we have SMS on the plan. However, I cannot put the SIM card in a phone to test or take a SIM card from a phone to put int the gateway.

All software was updated and the status of the SIM card looks fine. I tried bioth SIM slots also.

Anyone have any ideas?

Phone Number 614xxxxxxx
Cellular IP Address 184.195.130.xx
AT Cellular State Connected
AT Cellular State Details IP Acquired
Cellular End-to-End Connection Established
Carrier Availability Available
AT SIM Network Operator Sprint
Serving Network Operator Sprint
AT Signal Strength (RSSI) -62
AT LTE Signal Strength (RSRP) -91
AT LTE Signal Quality (RSRQ) -6
AT LTE Signal Interference (SINR) 18.4
ESN/EID/IMEI 358643070333542
AT SIM ID 89011202000064910612
APN Status r.ispsn
AT Number of SIMs present 1
AT Primary SIM Slot 1
AT Active SIM Slot 2
AT Radio Technology LTE
Network Service Type 4G
Active Frequency Band LTE BAND 25

ALEOS Software Version: 4.9.3
Radio Module Identifier: SPRINT
Radio Module Type: MC7455
Radio Firmware Version: SWI9X30C_02.24.03.00 r6978 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2017/03/02 13:36:45