Airlink RV50: sendding SMS to reset


I have a question about to send commands to the Airlink RV50.

I would like to find out if there is a way to send a AT command to the modem via SMS to reset or reboot it.

It is posible?

Kind regards.

Hi Jose,

Please refer to the attachment for the command on resetting the modem through SMS. I’ve also attached the screen shots for SMS formatting when sending the commands.


When I telnet into one o fmy RV50’s, I’m trying to send the reset to another RV50. What exactly would the syntax be to accomplish this? I’ve tried:

*smsm2m="[phone#] PW [last 4 of IMEI] &&&reset"
nothing happens with this, then I tried

at*smsm2m="[phone#] PW [last 4 of IMEI] &&&reset"
with this I receive ‘OK’ but this does not end up resetting the rv50. I tried this similar syntax with another device but with the &&&status and end up receiving ‘ERROR’. I must be doing something wrong, just not sure what.

I tried and my RV50x was reboot successfully. You should use AT*SMS_PASSWORD? to query SMS password set on your gateway before sending SMS to reboot. Please also make sure that “ALEOS Command Prefix” under “SMS Mode” is set properly. And depending on your mobile network operator, you may also need to set AT+CGSMS to 0 or 1.

  2. Send command AT*SMSM2M="[phone_number] PW [SMS_PASSWORD] &&&reset"