MP70 unable to connect AFF to airvantage

I am trying to connect AFF to AirVantage through ACEmanager in order to install and configure AVTA. So far I have been unable to connect.

Hitting “Connect” button in ACEmanager produces a pop-up with “Do you want to connect with AAF ?” on hitting “OK”, the pop-up is replaced by one bearing the text “Successfully send the command”. Status shown on page is unchanged.

After refreshing ACEmanager, AAF status is shown as:

Manual Connection Status Error : AAF connection to server failed (28)

logs show:

May 20 09:06:12 err ALEOS_APPS_AAF-AGENT: Failed with status 500: “/usr/readyagent/lua/m3da/session/security.lua:153: timeout”
May 20 09:06:12 err ALEOS_APPS_AAF-AGENT: Error while sending data to server: Failed with code 500

To me, 500 suggests server error, timeout suggests connection problems.

I have tried different M3DA passwords, updating both MP70 and Airvantage server settings. This has been tested under both ALEOS 4.14 and ALEOS 4.15.

LWM2M comms appear to work correctly, configuration changes are reported back to AirVantage as they occur.

Is there anything else I need to do to connect? Alternatively could I install AVTA through ACEmanager and configure it to send to my own MQTT broker from there?

Hi @AP11
If I’m not wrong, did you press the connect button as shown below and then got “Error : AAF connection to server failed (28)” ?


You’re not wrong there. That’s just what I was getting.

I’ve tinkered with the M3DA password, I think server and client may have been mismatched. I’m now getting “Success”. The ALMS section is also showing "Success - " followed by the date and time of connection.

When I look at Airvantage, I can’t see any evidence of this connection. Tasks set to run are still waiting to complete.