AAF Trouble Connecting to LS 300

I have an LS300 connected to my pc via ethernet cable. However, I have trouble connecting my AAF Developer Studio with it. Every time I try to connect, the dialog box keeps on prompting me for the password even though I already have put in the password (screenshot attached). Every time that dialogue box appears I enter the password the click OK. Then it pops up again. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

Hi @josiah.regencia

Have you enabled ALEOS Application Framework and set an AAF user password in your LS300?

Please follow the steps below:

1.Enable ALEOS Application Framework, go to ACEManager -> page Application-> ALEOS Application Framework: Enable

2.An AAF user password is required if you want to use ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) to develop your own applications to run inside an AirLink gateway. To enter an AAF user password, go to ACEManager-> page Admin > Change Password. From the User Name drop-down menu, select AAF user. Enter the new password twice and click Change Password.

3.Enable SSH to connect to any AirLink gateway, go to ACEManager -> page Services-> AT(TELNET/SSH) >Remote Login Server Mode: SSH, Remote Login Server Telnet/SSH Port: 2332 (Default)
4.Apply all changes and restart the gateway to take effect.

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Hi @Donald

Thanks for your guidance. The steps you have sent me have led me further. However, it gives me a Java exception: Connection Refused. I’ve made sure that port 22 is not used before trying to connect. However, the issue remains. Thanks

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 14.11.23

Hi @josiah.regencia

Please change the SSH port on AAF Developer Studio to 2332.

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