AAF password in 4.4.4

i was using a the follwoing to change the AAF password but when upgraded to 4.4.4 this doesn’t work anymore:
local cmd = string.format("%s %s %s %s", PASSWD, USER, SWOLD, SWNEW)
log(“ALEOS_APPS_AAF”, “INFO”, “Changing ‘%s’ password”, USER)

    --executing command
    local status = os.execute(cmd)


Please be careful when giving partial code: there are too many variables which you don’t give the definition: it makes it quite hard to understand the root cause of the problems you are facing.
In this example you need to give at least:

  • the value of PASSWD variable. (I guess USER is uasuser…).
  • describe precisely what you mean by “don’t work”: the user password is not changed or the os.execute command fails or the application fails to run etc.
    Please give errors/return code or logs if there are any.

By default uasuser is de-activated on 4.4.4, you need to activate uasuser login first, using ACEManager->Admin->Change Password, selecting AAF User in the drop down list.
Have you done this step already?


user is uasuser.

I am getting the following message sh: /usr/local/sbin/aleospasswd: Permission denied

why do i need to select AAF user in the change password section? i am trying to change the password from the script so i dont have to do it manually, this way my code will take care of changing the AAF password.

not sure if it helps to say that the same code was working on 4.4.2 but started failing as soon as i upgraded to 4.4.4

OK, I confirm it is not possible to do it in 4.4.4.
This won’t be supported in future ALEOS version.

You’ll need to do it using ACEManager.