Calling ntpq within a user application


I’m rather new to ALEOS AF application development and have a question regarding permissions for the “uasuser” account used by the Developer Studio IDE debugger. If I try to run a program that has a command such as:

print(os.execute("ntpq -d hostname"))

I get a “sh: ntpq: Permission denied” message. To confirm this, I ran the same command from within an SSH terminal in the IDE and get the same issue. Since I don’t have the root password, I can’t escalate my privileges to test it.

  1. How do I escalate my application privileges?
  2. Can I use ntpq or ntp (or ntpd for that matter) in an application to request a time refresh at a configurable rate?
  3. What is the factory default root password?

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First, I must state that the “Permission Denied” error is misleading here: in fact the “ntpq” tool is not available on ALEOS devices. There is a small configuration issue about “uasuser” account preventing from getting the correct “not found” error.

Then about your questions:

  1. You can’t escalate your application privileges. That is made on purpose, to ensure AAF Applications don’t mess with system stability or with other AAF applications.
  2. ntpq and ntp are not available.
    However, time update service is available through ACEmanager: Services -> Time (SNTP) -> Enable.
    Let me know if this fits your needs.
  3. Please contact your distributor.


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