Help Setting Developer Studio ALEOS for RV50


I am trying to help estiablish connection between RV50 and Developer Studio ALEOS. I have followed the getting started tutorial found in the “help”, however when I try to select the remote connection type, the only options I have are GX and LS. How do I establish connection with RV50?

Thank you.

Hi tasbd

The IDE was not updated when the RV was released, as it is compatible (despite the naming).
So you are able to use the IDE with the RV50. You need to enable AAF on your RV50 gateway (and set the AAF/uasuser password).

Please follow these steps as in the attachment. Connecting to the device.docx (1.4 MB)

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First I would like to thank you for your quick response, much appreciated. So far “uasuser” did not work but “user” did in terms of connection establish. When I try to run the program, it get stuck at 63%. I left it for half an hour and still is stuck at 63%.

I tried with both usb and ethernet and I have the same situation where it gets stuck at 63%.

Let me know. Thank you.

Hi @tasbd

Did you enable ALEOS Application Framework in your RV50?
To enable ALEOS Application Framework, go to ACEManager -> page Aplication-> ALEOS Application Framework: Enable

An AAF user password is required if you want to use ALEOS Application Framework (AAF) to develop your own applications to run inside an AirLink gateway.

To enter an AAF user password:

  1. In ACEmanager, go to Admin > Change Password.
  2. From the User Name drop-down menu, select AAF user
  3. Enter the new password twice and click Change Password.
  4. Reboot the gateway.
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Thank you Donald! That did the trick!!