Connection Refused Stack Traceback

This is a long shot but here it goes. I have an RV50x that i am trying to install a .lua script to. I have made the connection in Remote System Explorer and can connect to the device. When I attempt to run the script on the device it throws an error. I have searched the forums and found a similar thread saying to restart the device. I followed those instructions but still getting this error:

In thread: 0x10190f8: /root/aleos/usr/readyagent/lua/racon/common.lua:86: connection refused stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘assert’
/root/aleos/usr/readyagent/lua/racon/common.lua:86: in function ‘init’
/root/aleos/usr/readyagent/lua/racon/devicetree.lua:281: in function ‘init’
main.lua:120: in function main.lua:91

Any help will be very appreciated.


If possible, please provide your configuration template of your RV50x and your script.

I figured out what was wrong. I overlooked a setting in the RV50x to enable ALEOS Application Framework. Once that was enabled, everything worked fine.