Error when exporting Lua to RV50

When I try to do an export, I get:
Unable to run export.
code=454,desc=Cannot open manifest file, err=[/mnt/user/readyagent/update/tmp/22839115859565131722391900931069761/Manifest: No such file or directory]

I have no problem when connected local to the RV50.
When connected remotely, I get this error.
I have ports forwarded for 22, 9191, 1999.

How can I solve this error?
Or, is there another way to install my Lua rather than use ALEOS Dev Studio?

On an RV50 with public IP address, I can export/install the Lua code.

On an RV50 with tunneling (Hologram), I cannot export/install the Lua code.

Forwarded ports:

What am I missing here?

The IDE indeed need port 1999 and 22 for local access.
To have ssh access (port 22) on the wan interface you may need to configure ALEOS (22 might not be the default).
Other than that I see no reason why it does not work (especially if you can already make it work with a public IP from the WWAN interface)

An alternative/workaround could be use the ACEmanager UI to actually install your AAF application. That is available starting from ALEOS 4.8.0. In that case you do not need to open specific ports (beside ACEmanager http/https dedicated port).
To generate an ACEmanager-installable package from the IDE you would use the export feature (the same as you mention) but set output to the local filesystem instead from a device IP.

Thanks for the reply. I will try the ACEManager approach.