Export from Developer Studio for ALEOS

This problem has cropped up before, but rather than adding to an eight-year old thread , I thought it best to start a new topic.

I can run my own lua script via the IDE, but I am unable to export it as a package which will run on the MP70.

If I try to export as “Local Application Package” to the MP70 host address, I get an “Unable to run export.” dialogue box with “Unable to get RPC connection.” under ‘details’.

If I export to a directory it produces a .tar file which I have then tried to install as an AAF application using ACE Manager, but I get a “Failed to install application” alert each time I try.

Likewise, if I try to export as an AirVantage Application Package, I get a zip file which also fails to install through ACE Manager.

I’m using Windows 10 and Developer Studio for ALEOS Version :


I’d read the (friendly) manual if I could find it. The in-app help on my install comes up with an HTTP 500 error ( Error 500 PWC6033: Error in Javac compilation for JSP ).

As a consequence I’m just hitting things at random, hoping something will work.

I’ve still had no luck with the export functionality. I’m running Developer Studio with Oracle’s Java 8, Update 291.

Maybe an earlier version would work better. Is there a recommended Java version to use?