Running application on GX400 and RV50

I am wanting to try ALEOS development and have run into a roadblock when trying to use an RV50. I have followed the “Getting Started” tutorial found here: … g_started/

and have been able to get a simple program to run and export to a GX400. I run into problems when I try to run the same program on RV50. Here is the program I am running:

local sched = require 'sched'
local devicetree = require "devicetree"

local function main()    
	print("hello world")
	while 1==1 do
		print("hello World")

The GX400 works great. The RV50 prints “hello world” twice, then freezes. It never succeeds with the devicetree.get()

The GX400 is running ALEOS 4.4, and the RV50 is running 4.7.

Could it be that I need a different Execution Environment? I am using the one that comes with Developer Studio for ALEOS 2.0 (AAF-4.3.4)

Thanks in advance,


As it turns out, the problem was with the availability of the devicetree TCP port (9999). In the RV50 acemanager, the serial port listening tcp port was set to 9999 (9999 is our company default for serial modems). This was interfering with the devicetree service. Changing my serial port listening port back to the default 12345 fixed the problem.

did you use usb or ethernet for connection? did you use the connection type GX and LS?