AAF on RV50/RV55 suddenly not working after ALEOS version 4.14 upgrade

I was developing an AAF application that was working fine with ALEOS firmware version 413, however updating to 4.14 the script immediately restarts repeatedly.

Is there a known issue and or any release notes related to AAF application support on firmware 4.14, I could not find anything in the 4.14 release notes that suggest why I am encountering this issue.

I have narrowed down the issue to the inclusion of require(‘ssl’) or require(‘ssl.https’) which causes the restart, which means the provided ALEOS AF Platform Package is not compatible with version 4.14?

Hi @chris.westermann ,
ALEOS 4.14.0 Release Notes mentions that the device will be set Minimum TLS Version to 1.3. Please re-check if your application is using same set TLS version? It might be the root cause. You can see that value on the Admin > Advanced screen

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