Update ALEOS firmware RV50 from 4.9 to 4.17

I am trying to update the ALEOS firmware in a RV50, but I have been told by Sierra folks that I need to follow an update path. I am currently on 4.9, and then to update first to 4.12, then 4.14, then 4.16 and finally 4.17. I can only find 4.16 and 4.17 firmware. Where can I find 4.12,4.14? Thanks

Hi @nuri.gomez-casanovas,

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Are you referring to RV50 or RV50X? Because ALEOS 4.16 is the last ALEOS release for the RV50. ALEOS 4.17 is not available for the RV50. Please read the ALEOS 4.16 Release Bulletin for details.
Please refer to the following link: AirLink / AirLink End of Life

Currently, firmware packages are available on AirVantage.
Log in to AirVantage, then you can perform the update through AirVantage by selecting Monitor → select your System → click on Upgrade Firmware button, and then select the firmware to upgrade.