Aleos 4.17

When will this firmware be posted to The Source? The release email said it would be there by September 20th.

Hi @TWD1009,

Based on the information I have, ALEOS 4.17 will be available approximately mid-October.


I have a few routers that have been dormant for a while. It seems like I have to do incremental upgrades to get it to 4.17. Anyone else seeing this ? The dormant ones can be 4.14 to 4.15 …Been offline in a disused vehicle for awhile.

Hi @jason.garcia,

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Which router are you referring to?
I would like to provide an example of using the RV50X. Please refer to the instructions for updating the ALEOS Software and Radio for RV50X on page 28 of the AirLink RV50/RV50X Software Configuration Guide at the following link:

Additionally, the link contains the latest firmware:

(Warning: Upgrading from ALEOS 4.15.x and earlier releases to 4.17.0 is not directly supported. AirLink RV50X routers must be upgraded to ALEOS 4.16.0 (see RV50 Firmware List 4.16.0) before upgrading to ALEOS 4.17.0)


MP70. I figured it out. I have some new routers that we had not deployed that will have to be incrementally upgraded.