RV55 Firmware in ALMS

Where did the 4.17.012 FW go for the RV55 / RV50x routers? It was in ALMS last week, but not available today. The latest in the update list is now

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Hi @benjamin.smith,

There is an issue with ALEOS 4.17.0 that may impact select routers. Do not upgrade to ALEOS 4.17.0. Sierra is working on an ALEOS 4.17.1 release to address this issue.



Can a copy of 4.16.2 be made available until this is resolved?

Hi @letcher.ross,

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Please refer to ALEOS 4.16.2 for RV55 at the following link: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airlink/software_downloads/rv55/rv55-firmware-list-4,-d-,16,-d-,2/#sthash.GO8O9tgP.dpbs