AAF connection issue with AirVantage


I’m evaluating the LX60 router and the application development framework using the tutorials. With cellular connection, everything works fine. Using the WAN connection from my company, I can see the gateway status on AirVantage but my AAF application can’t push data on AirVantage. I guess this is due to firewall restrictions on the company WAN access. Can someone tell me which routing ports are used by AAF in order to open them?
Below is the error message reported in the log:

Aug 31 16:02:30 info ALEOS_APPS_AAF-AGENT: Sending table nmp.uplink:StatePath&CountPath&StringPath&FloatingPointPath&timestamp (184 rows x 5 columns) to server
Aug 31 16:02:30 err ALEOS_APPS_AAF-AGENT: Failed with status 500: “/usr/readyagent/lua/m3da/session/security.lua:153: connection refused”
Aug 31 16:02:30 err ALEOS_APPS_AAF-AGENT: Failed to send data for table