TCP port 80 is restricted?

How do we enable binding to port 80 on AAF?

I’m working with and AirLink GX440 and would like to put a listener on port 80 (on the ethernet interface) to do some minimal stuff, but I keep getting “permission denied” errors… how do I enable it?


Also… is there a way to access the http module that the ACE Manager uses?


You can’t bind on port 80, AAF applications are run with specific user rights that don"t allow to access system resources ( TCP ports <1024 are system resources).
What you could try: use Ace Manager port forwarding functionality to try to link port 80 with another port >=1024, and then bind your AAF app on that port (I am not sure it will be allowed.)
Finally you need to know is that the device won’t accept connection coming from the cellular network on that port.

Also, you can’t access to the http module used by Ace Manager. However you can use the http module provided in AAF ( accessed by socket.http, client only unfortunately).

Maybe you could explain a little bit more what you want to do to see if we can find a workaround for that.


I am looking to put some small listener functionality on port 80 of the internal interfaces (WiFi, LAN, and USB), not the outside-world facing ports.

It is important that it is natively hosted and not port-forwarded to a different machine. If I understood you correctly, I may be able to port-forward to a different port (>1024) on a different interface on the GX440 - is that correct?

The suggested solution of configuring the ACE Manager to enable port forwarding of the public, known port (ex: 80), to an internal port (>1024) is not working for me. I am not getting any incoming connections coming in on my mapped internal port.