MP70 stops connections

Using MP70. Have 4 wireless LAN clients, 2 wired LAN clients.
Signal Strength (RSSI) -80
LTE Signal Strength (RSRP) -109
LTE Signal Quality (RSRQ) -10
LTE Signal Interference (SINR) 4.6
MP70 routinely stops handling Internet connections. Reset gateway, and all works again. After 15 to 45 minutes, it all stops. Reset gateway, and all works again.
What could be causing this?

Hi gklott,
Do you enable any VPNs? Or does you limit “Data Usage”?
Please check:

  • ACEManager -> VPN ->
  • ACEManager -> Applications > Data Usage

It should be great if you could provide the MP70 template.


Where can I send the template? No VPN allowed. No Data usage monitoring. Woke up this moring to the same condition. Reset the MODEM, and am using it now.

Hi gklott,
In ACEmanager, click the Template button on the toolbar. -> enter a Template Name. The file is saved using this name and a .xml file extension -> Press Download, and then save file.
After that, please send us this .xml file