MP70 has stopped connecting to WAN network suddenly, can't recover

I’ve had an MP70 installed in a vehicle for a little over a year and its been working great. Until it stopped joining the cellular network. I have two SIMs installed, one as a backup, both from IoT services. The MP70 continues to provide WIFI services and can read the ALEOS admin page via wifi, but the Network and Signal LEDs blink red in unison. Restarting the router does not seem to fix it.

While I have reached out to to ensure the sims are still valid and enabled, it seems odd both of them would stop working leading me to believe it might be the MP70 that has a problem. Teal is saying they are seeing no connection attempts at all from either SIM. I have pressed the reset button for <5s to no avail. I’ve checked all the antenna connections, power connections etc with no resolution. The vehicle is not in constant use, but was earlier this month and it worked well most of the day and then stopped and have not been able to reestablish WAN connection since.

Are there logs or other things I can investigate to troubleshoot? I’m not seeing anything obvious on the device or on the air vantage portal. The router firmware is (


Did you check signal quality? RSRP? RSRQ?

Understanding LTE RF | Sierra Wireless Support

no, that is done from the admin page reached via WiFi? The Airvantage page won’t sync anymore, obviously. I’m remote for the vehicle at the moment

Yes, look for Cellular under Status on there. That’s a good start for troubleshooting your wireless connection. If there is no signal or poor signal in a location that is expected to have service, then check antenna, cables, and connectors. If there are multiple places to connect an antenna, be sure you’re using the right port.

ok, will give it a go. The SIM is multi carrier, it should switch to the best one in the location (and my AT&T phone and T-Mobile iPad worked fine in the same location). I don’t think its a service problem, or at least it doesn’t smell like that. Will check the admin app once I’m at the vehicle again.