Need help with SIM Card or "Technical Bulletin: AirLink Connection Issue – Rel 5 update"

I am trying to connect an MP70 Global LTE PRO to the cell network in Saudi Arabia and having no luck. I am not sure if it is a SIM card issue or am I having an issue as described in the Tech Bulletin "AirLink Connection Issue – Rel 5 update ". I upgraded to ALEOS Version 4.17.0 from 16.2 from some other version.

Can someone help me determine if this is a SIM Card issue or a firmware problem with radio

Hi @mmccann,

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  1. Please make sure you have attached the antennas to the router properly. Two antennas are required when connecting to an LTE network.
  2. Which network provider’s SIM card are you using? Try using a SIM card from another network provider to see if it can connect to the network.
  3. If you still cannot connect, please share the log file and template file on the MP70 with me.


Thank you! We were able to get another SIM Card from a different provider. We are up and running now with basic connectivity. The next challenge might be getting Port Forwarding to work. I suspect that is a different topic.