MP70 modem keeps dropping internet

We have several MP70 modems and a few months ago, they started dropping the internet. The problem is that they won’t reconnect on their own until the user hits the reboot button on the modem. It will then go through a reboot cycle and then reconnect. It is happening with almost all our modems now at least once but often more than once in an 8 hour shift. Anyone else having this issue?


I just logged in to the forum to report the same thing. Who is your carrier and what firmware version are you on?

We are on FirstNet with 4.14. I know previous firmware versions had a bug where the SIM enumeration would fail so when it checks if there is a SIM card available in Slot 1 and 2 it wouldn’t detect either one and would just fail to connect. But I am not sure what the problem is now.

I am seeing random internet drops and our dispatch would have to send the reset text message to the device to remotely reset it in order for it to work again.

After upgrading to 4.14 the devices seem to be bricking themselves completely. I can’t even send a reset message to them. The Wi-Fi and Signal indicator light flash red and trying to connect to alms manager fails using the Ethernet cable. I’ve had 2 devices do this in the past month. I’ve sent one out and they replaced the module. I am trying to troubleshoot the second one to see if I can figure out the cause.

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We are on with Verizon. I’m curious what is the “reset text message”, that would be handy to know.


This is a little outdated but it has enough to get you started. Text messaging will need to be included with your plan otherwise Verizon will charge you 25c per text if I remember correctly.

Once setup you can simply text the word reset to the device’s mobile number and it will initiate a remote restart. If you have the ignition sense / low power timer then the vehicle will have to be on in order for it to complete the reset cycle. If the ignition is off then the device will just power off and not boot up until the ignition is turned back on. The device can send back confirmation after successful restart.

Hi jcheverie,

There are some connectivity issues reported on ALEOS 4.14. I have 2 suggestions:

  1. Downgrade to ALEOS older version over AirVantage, I recommend using version 4.12 because no similar behavior was reported on this version.
  2. Wait for the next ALEOS 4.15 and try again. This firmware will be released soon.


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I chose a downgrade option on one modem to the 4.12 but nothing is happening - under “Installing application” the progress bar isn’t moving, I sent a reboot to that modem and it’s still not progressing. I’m told the modem is on…

Hi jcheverie,

"Installing application” on AirVantage is not used for this case.

First, you need to make sure all your progress bars are canceled by clicking them then press “Abort”. Then follow these steps below:

  1. On AirVantage, click on Synchronize button (1 in the picture) to start to synchronization job
  2. On gateway, go to ACEmanager → Services - > ALMS → Click Connect button
  3. Wait for a minute, the progress bar of the synchronization job is finished. This step makes sure your device is able to connect to AirVantage.
  4. On AirVantage, click “Upgrade Firmware”(2 in the picture), choose your desired firmware. Then the upgrading job will be created on Airvantage.
  5. On gateway, go to ACEmanager → Services - > ALMS → Click Connect button. At this time, the upgrading job will start.
  6. Wait for the update completion.

Note: The update can take up to 30 minutes to complete, depending on the speed of your network connection.


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Just to let everyone know, I ended up rolling back to 4.12 and it did not correct the issue…Sierra Wireless has enabled a ping monitor on two of our devices which they will then pull the logs on…stay tuned


Same issues here. Downgraded to 4.12 but it shows radio module firmware is out of date and will not grab a connection. Checking with Sierra Rep for any suggestions such as old radio module firmware.

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Thank you for your reply. That was helpful.

My pleasure!

Attempting to CC two contacts on this ticket if possible.

Added them to the CC section to see it carries over.

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So, we are still having an issue with ALL of our MP70 Modems. They drop the connection (which is normal for our area) but they don’t automatically reconnect. They won’t reconnect until the user physically reboots the modem. We should not have to reboot a modem everytime it loses connection. Sierra wireless engineers came up with a “fix”. They have enabled a ping monitor, when it senses a loss of network it triggers a software reboot of the modem. This will then re-establish network connection. This isn’t right and I don’t understand why our modems started doing this at the start of the summer. This never happened to us before. We have rolled back the firmware and that didn’t help. I’m open for any suggestions. Thanks!!

What firmware are you using and who is your cellular provider? I was told that there was an issue with the radio module firmware and the newest ALEOS. Using ATT we needed to use the below and it resolved the issue.


Any updates? We bought 170 of these routers and have continuous issues with the router losing/dropping connection.

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I seem to have run into the same problem. We have a vehicle-mounted MP70 which occasionally experiences network coverage drop-outs.

After the last drop-out it has failed to re-connect, even after cycling the ignition. Lights on the unit indicate a good signal, but no network connection.

Have you found a resolution to this issue?

Hi @spdit,
Welcome you to our community!
Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. What firmware version and radio firmware version are you running?
  2. What network provider are you using? If you replace the current SIM with a new SIM of another operator, does this issue still happen?
  3. Has the issue happened before? Or did you do something on your MP70 that caused this issue?


I think I may have hit this same issue on Is this resolve now in 4.16? I’m finding both the network and signal LEDs blink red in unison, while wifi, gps and the admin page are all functioning.

Hi @tim ,
Please upgrade your MP70 to ALEOS 4.16 following the link below:
Then try again. Do the issue still happens in this case?
If the issue still happens, please let me know so I can help you further.