Mistakenly disabled GPRS with +wcfm command, how to reenable


I’ve disabled GPRS features by mistake (with +wcfm command). According to this forum I have to ask local Wavecom distributer for a password to reenable it. But we have a negative experience working with local Wavecom official reperesentative named Rainbow Technologies here, in Belarus (well they call themselves a Wavecom representative but I haven’t found them on Wavecom site). So is there any way to contact Wavecom directly or any European repersentative to get that password?


The WCFM command is a little monster command, very easy to deactivate a feature, a long password to activate. :open_mouth:

I think you can turn to Wavecom directly, but i fear the answer will be you should turn to your distributor. Anyway, you can give it a try.

With OS 6.61 3 new fantastic feature is invented. Lots of administrative problems coming, or really helpful local distributor is still investigating how to enable them, so thank you for:

  • Real Time Enchancement feature
  • Interrupt feature
  • Open SIM Acess (OSA) feature

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Thanks for information, I’ll try to contact local distributor.