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Someone know the factor who made that whe receive for edlib ED_ENTRY_LEVEL_TCP or ED_HIGH_LEVEL_INTERNET.

I receive ED_ENTRY_LEVEL_TCP instead of ED_HIGH_LEVEL_INTERNET, i can’t downlaod files on my FTP…

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Hello GDT,

please type the command AT+WCFM=5.

if you get 00000000 it means your module isn’t enabled for hi-level internet. It is an option that you usually choose when you buy the module. Only your distributor can upgrade it, then you have to send it back.

if you receive 00000001 then your module is enabled for hi-level internet and the problem is elsewhere.




Thank you pelimon.

I have this response :
+WCFM: 00000000


I must call my distributor urgently…
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I have received my 2686 starter kit with 2 modules. One of them had no GPRS activation. Very funny. :slight_smile:

I think the modules wich are shipped with the developer kit should have all the function enabled at least…

It is the policy to make money from everthing but this idea is causing a lot of administrative trouble. How many times got we modules without the proper functions enabled…


Hi Tom they should have TCP activate but not edLib
It will only work with OPENAT4.10 and this is only in beta phase now.
So you have to ask your distributor for OpenAT4.10b02 it has WIP and Eclipse(it is the first version with eclipse)
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No the module had no GPRS activation. The firmware Ati3 comand answer was 660gm instead of 660gg. (You cannot make AT+CGATT for example)

I have WIP but is has no FTP yet. Has the WIP of OpenAT4.10b02 FTP?

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Hi Tom
Have tried AT+CGCLASS? to see if it is "B"or “CG”?
the GPRS activation is with the AT+WCFM=2 command (I am not sure what the proper response for Q26 will be but I will find out and post the response here)
No there is no FTP for now on the OPENAT4 beta
it is only for release in September or October (If all goes well)
For now only tcp and udp sockets :cry:
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The WCFM command needs a password to enable a feature, which i dont know. I thought, the features are managed by wavecom or distributor. And i dont know the mask of features.

There is alpha2 edlib for OpenAt 4, i presume there will be no final version from that. I am still using this edlib version, but the time will soon come when i have to port to WIP.

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hi Tom
i was not aware that there was an alpha edlib for Q26 module
the IP activation is only managed by wavecom,
but if you ask your distributor then he should request it for you from wavecom.
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Hi guys it is simple,

these features are all password secured and the password belongs to wavecom or the distributor.

the policy gives you two possibilities :

  1. you order specifically modules with all features enabled GPRS & IP connectivity both.
    Your modules will be answering the code I quoted previously AT+WCFM=2 -> …007 for GPRS and AT+WCFM=5 -> 00000001 for IP connectivity.

  2. if you forgot to order these features, the only possibility is to send your modules back to the distributor.

I know that edLib is not anymore the same with Q2686, but I guess the Commercial Features Management is the same.


Stefan Pelimon

Hi Stefan
You do not send it back to your distributor to activate the IP stack
You need to supply the IMEI number to your distributor and the they can request the activation key from wavecom and then they cansend it to you and then you need to send the AT command to the modem to activate it yourself.
Here is an example: (please note this not a real number)

and then for the specific modem it will be activated.

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