ed_Init() failes


I’m trying to create a TCP connection to a remote server. The problem is that ed_Init() failes and, in trace window i receive a strange message : [ed Init]: TCP/IP feature is not licensed.
Does someone why i receive this message?
I have eDlib 3.00 which came with my Open At software development kit.
How can i create a GPRS tcp connection without eDLib.



Please contact your distributor and ask him to activate the IP function on your module. An alternative is to upgrade software to OpenAT 3.10/Os 6.55 (or higher). On those, there are only basic IP and High level IP. So, your module will have basic level IP and you could make everthing except FTP and e-mail related functions.

I highly recommend using edlib if possible, i have currently problems with a linux stack (the module controlled from external appli). The edlib creates the IP packets very well, and stable. Of course edlib can’t be configured as much as others, but for GPRS connection it is very good.

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