Tcp/ip problem


hi all:

 my code can connect TCP/IP in TMT,but my code is download in MODULE ,module can't connect TCP/IP?  WHY?




honestly, did you think somebody really can answer this question?

My best guess is that it is a timing problem, or a memory violation.

Would you mind sharing the code with us? Which compiler did you use, and what module are you using? Also, which core firmware and OpenAT version??

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You question is like saying, “My car won’t start - WHY?”
I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anybody who hasn’t even seen you car to be able to answer that without a whole lot more information! :unamused:

You need to describe exactly what does and does not happen - does the code run at all? how far does it get towards connecting? at what point does it fail? what error codes/results do you get? what debugging have you done yourself on this? Have you used TRACE to follow its progress?
etc, etc, etc,…


my code:

void tcp_start(void)
s8 sReturn = ERROR;
ready_to_send = TRUE;
/// ed_Init();///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
sReturn=ed_SocketTCPStart ( ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_1, 0,tcp_pfResponseCbk, tcp_pfDataHnd, tcp_pfDataRequest);
if(sReturn == 0)
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_NOT_INIT)
//tcptimerHandle = adl_tmrSubscribe(FALSE, 10, ADL_TMR_TYPE_100MS,(adl_tmrHandler_t)tcptimerHandler);
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_INVALID_ARG) cmd_rsp_sig(10);
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_STACK_BAD_CONFIG) cmd_rsp_sig(12);//////////////////////////////////////
else if(sReturn== ED_ERR_PHY_NOT_ACTIVATED)
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_STACK_BUSY) cmd_rsp_sig(13);//////////////////////////////////////
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_INVALID_ID) cmd_rsp_sig(62);//////////////////////////////////////
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_MEMALLOC_FAILED) cmd_rsp_sig(64);//////////////////////////////////////
else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_SOCKET_CREATION_BUSY) cmd_rsp_sig(65);//////////////////////////////////////
else cmd_rsp_sig(66);//////////////
TRACE (( 4, " ed_SocketTCPStart: %d", sReturn ));
// ready_to_send = TRUE;


void tcp_udp_connection(void)
s8 sReturn = ERROR;
tcp_udp_type =1;
// ed_Init();
// ed_Init();/////////////////////////////////////////
if(tcp_udp_type == TCP_TYPE)//tcp
my_tcpParams.TcpPort= (u16)(my_distantip[0] + (my_distantip[1]<<8));
//my_tcpParams.TcpPort =10089;
TRACE (( 4, " ed_SocketGetConfig: %d",my_tcpParams.TcpPort));
wm_sprintf (my_tcpParams.TcpServ, “%d.%d.%d.%d”,my_distantip[5],my_distantip[4],my_distantip[3],my_distantip[2]);
// wm_sprintf (my_tcpParams.TcpServ, “%d.%d.%d.%d”,dis[3],dis[2],dis[1],dis[0]);
// wm_sprintf (my_tcpParams.TcpServ, “”);
sReturn = ed_SocketSetConfig ( ED_ID_TCPSOCKET_1, &my_tcpParams );

    else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_NOT_INIT)
		tcptimerHandle = adl_tmrSubscribe(FALSE, 10, ADL_TMR_TYPE_100MS,(adl_tmrHandler_t)tcptimerHandler);
    else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_INVALID_ARG)	 cmd_rsp_sig(7);//////////////////////////////////////
   	else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_PARAM_BAD_VALUE) cmd_rsp_sig(50);//////////////////////////////////////
    else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_PARAM_TOO_LONG)	 cmd_rsp_sig(60);//////////////////////////////////////
	else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_PARAM_WRITE_E2P)	 cmd_rsp_sig(70);//////////////////////////////////////
    else if(sReturn==ED_ERR_SERVICE_ALREADY_RUNNING)	 cmd_rsp_sig(80);//////////////////////////////////////
    else 	 cmd_rsp_sig(90);//////////////////////////////////////
    my_udpParams.UdpPort= (u16)(my_distantip[0] + (my_distantip[1]<<8));
	wm_sprintf (my_udpParams.UdpServ, "%d.%d.%d.%d",my_distantip[5],my_distantip[4],my_distantip[3],my_distantip[2]);
	sReturn = ed_UdpSocketSetConfig ( &my_udpParams );
	//TRACE (( 5, " ed_SocketGetConfig: %d", sReturn ));
		udptimerHandle = adl_tmrSubscribe(FALSE, 5, ADL_TMR_TYPE_100MS,(adl_tmrHandler_t)udptimerHandler);
	sReturn=ed_SocketUDPStart (0,udp_pfResponseCbk, udp_pfDataHnd, udp_pfDataRequest);
    TRACE (( 4, " ed_SocketTCPStart: %d", sReturn ));
      ready_to_send = TRUE;



my code is downloaded in module,gprs is connected,but socket is not connected;
ed_SocketSetConfig (); return -52;
i write ed_Init() before ed_SocketSetConfig (); return 0
but ed_SocketTCPStart();return -11,why?
please help me,thank you



I think you shouldn’t use “delay_time(3000);”. What does this function do? Block processing for 3 seconds? You are lucky that the module doesn’t do a watchdog reset!

You could do ed_Init() in the SIM handler function on “ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT” event. I think that would be a good place.

I think you can do the ed_SocketSetConfig right before you open the connection - that should be OK, but I believe that you must return the control to the operating system after ed_Init(). I don’t think that a delay (which does not give the control flow back to the OS) will work.

You could start a timer after ed_Init() and continue processing when your timer callback is called… That should work!

Best Regards,


I deleted delay_time(3000)and writed to ed_Init() before adl_simSubscribe(SimHandler,PinCode);my code is still so;

I debuged this code last week. I cann’t settle this problem;
I’m very desponding
thank you very much


hi all:

 ed_SocketTCPStart() return ED_ERR_PHY_NOT_ACTIVATED.why?

thank you


hi all:

ed_SocketTCPStart() return ED_ERR_PHY_NOT_ACTIVATED,why?

please help me,thank you


Did you use AT+CGATT=1 or AT+WGPRS=0,0?

Best Regards,


I has already used “AT+CGATT=1”;

thank you,


Did you wait for the “OK” response?


i did wait for “ok” response,

my code
adl_atCmdCreate( “AT+CGATT=1”, TRUE, (adl_atRspHandler_t)gprsAttachHandler, “OK”, NULL );

my code can connect socket in TMT,but my CODE is downloaded
in wavecom module,can’t connect SOCKET,can connect GPRS;
so I think my code is no problem,

thank you!


Hi czbing,

I don’t know what the problem is… But I remember that I had problems with AT+CGATT, too! I suggest you try “AT+WGPRS=0,0” instead…

See: (look for AT+WGPRS=0,0)

Best Regards,