Problem opening TCP socket

Hi All,
I am using Q2406B, 651 and OpenAT 3.02. Whenever I try to connect to the activate my GPRS session and receive an IP address using ed_DialupConnectionStart () API, I receive, ED_ERR_NETWORK_KO.
What can be the possible cause for this error?

Best Regards.


The description under ed_DialupConnectionStart (as you probably already know), is:

or the generic description:

So, could it be that this result code is something similar to the 35865 code that is received when using the standard command controlled TCP/IP stack.

In that case, it seems like your AT+CGATT=1 has failed or at least you’re not attached to the GPRS network before you try to activate your PDP context.

Possible causes could be (just a wild guess since I do not have more information):

  • poor signal strength
  • GPRS not enabled on your SIM
  • you are using a ME with default IMEI (sometimes it registers on the network but every action is rejected by the nwk)
  • faulty application code (even the best can do mistakes :wink: )


Hi Snoooze,
Thank you very much for your response. The problem is finally solved using your answers.

Best Regards.