I am developing some tracking application on modules Q2501, with Open AT 3.10, and i have a problem with GPRS. The ed_DialupConnectionStart() almost always returns ED_ERR_WM_GPRS_OPEN. I checked the IP library dokumentation, and it is said “Open GPRS internal session failed”. What does it mean? Is it internal module fault? I failed to find any detailed information about this error. So if any body knows any thing about this error i would be thankfull if you share it with me.
GPRS network in area where the module is located is good, i checked it with mobile phone.
My application calls functions in such order:
1: At+CGTT=1
2: on “OK” ed_GprsSetConfig
3: after 30 second ed_dialupConnectionStart ( I get that error here)
4: ant there it should call ed_SocketTCPStart but ot never gets ther :frowning:.

So i wonder, could it be the hardware problem?


Hi andriusb !

I’ve you called the ed_Init() function before ed_GprsSetConfig() ??



I actualy found the problem, it was that the timer, which should model the command given by sms which makes module to start gprs session, was started before the SIM initiation process was finished or even started. The problem with ED_ERR_WM_GPRS_OPEN solved, but there is the new one. The adl_simSubscribe subscribes the handler which, for some reason, do not get any events at all(this is why the gprs was starting befor sim init process). I checked the sim with self phone, and it is ok. Also everything ok with GPRS network and PIN. Also i see some garbage on terminal, while module tries to start application, so i suspect that there is something wrong with the module, or just with the software side of it (firmware). But i’m not shure.