ed_FTPSetConfig returns false NO_HIGH_LEVEL_INTERNET

Using OAT 3.02
OS 5.51
Wismo Q2426

My modules are working fine, they start FTP sessions with no problem and suddenly some modules beging present the following wrong behavior:
ed_FTPSetConfig returns ED_ERR_NO_HIGH_LEVEL_INTERNET but it is not true, the module is GPRS UP and I manage to transmit some messages over TCP before starting the FTP and the weirdest part is that the exact same code works on other modules just fine, they never return NO INTERNET when the module is in fact IP ready…
I re-donwloaded everything with DWLWin for those modules and they keep bugging me with the error code…The modules are fully functional on other areas that include transmitting TCP packets so I’m lost with this problem and I don’t know what could posibly be causing this that is not solved with DWLwin, the problem is persistent with those modules: once they start giving the error they keep on giving it, I don’t have to create some special scenario in order for the problem to manifest it is there all time for the bad modules, the good modules wich use the same code work just fine.

ideas ?

Hello, before any possible answer, please execute the two commands AT+WCFM=2 and AT+WCFM=5 and post the results for both your working modules and the non working ones.

You can refer to the topic http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/forums/viewtopic.php?t=577
for syntax details.

Beware that if you upgrade once the Wavecom core firmware, some of these commercial features can be lost.



Hi, thanks for your help, I saw the other topic and that is exactly my problem:

+WCFM: 00000000

but I’m not sure what functionality is disabled because the only thing I can’t use from eDlib is FTP. TCP and UDP work ok.

Well, thanks again.

Hi Juanc

There is 2 versions of edlib:
light(+WCFM: 00000000 )
full (+WCFM: 00000001)

light is activated on all modules but you have to pay for full.
light only give tcp and udp functionality
the full version has the following.
pop3 and

But I do not think ut is worth doing development on edlib now.
Wavecom has there own ip stack (aka WIP)
So soon there will be no support (and it will not work on the Q24NG modules) for edlib.
Rather get OPen-AT 3.12beta and do new development on the new IP stack
Best regards