Migrating old OpenAT project to M2M

I have an old project (*.scs file) created with the old Wizard (Open AT Project Wizard, from Open AT IDE 1.08.02) and then quite customized in the “wmnew script additional options”.
Is there a way to migrate/import this project into M2M without too much hand work?

Thank you in advance.

Massimiliano Pagani

You have an import wizard which is able to handle this for you.
Go to File > Import > M2M Studio > Open AT IDE V1 Project

I’m not convinced at how well the Import Wizard copes with extensive use of “wmnew script additional options” - but it’s certainly the place to start!

Hello, I have the same kind of a problem. But even though I recreate a project using Open AT Project Wizard, the Import Wizard doesn’t seem to recognize it As a V1 Project.

What makes a folder to be recognized as one?

This is the error I get when I try to import

Might it be simpler to just create the M2MStudio application manually?

To be honnest, we’re going to progressively remove the support of old IDEV1 projects import, since now the Studio is deployed for almost 18 months.
There is clearly a bug here, but it can be however simply workarounded by creating an empty project and import files after.

I guess it depends on how much additional configuration is required; ie, how much use was made of the “wmnew script additional options”, etc…

And there is the fact that Eclipse just has a very different “world view” to other “normal” IDEs like VisualStudio - so a structure that was good for VS might just not work in Eclipse…