How to open an *exising* project?


The online help says how to create a new Project from scratch, or how to import a Project created with the old IDE - but it doesn’t say anything about how to open an existing M2M Studio project!

Typical use case: the Project has been extracted from a source-control system, or sent in a ZIP from a colleague or some 3rd party.

With “normal” IDEs, there’d be a Project file that you’d just double-click - but Eclipse, as usual, can’t be doing with anything as simple & straightforward as that, now, can it…? :unamused:

So, how does one open an existing M2M Studio project?


Got it! :blush:

The ‘Import’ button on the Toolbar only does the ‘Import IDE v1’

But the ‘Import’ menu has both ‘IDE v1 project’ and ‘Existing M2M Studio Poject’

All this “importing” stuff sill seems like a load of unnecessary complication to me, though - why can’t we just Open a Project?!
But I guess that’s just Eclipse for you - so we’re stuck with it?


Yep, that’s the evil eclipse thing, no way around, you will have to import your projects into some workspace before able to work with them :wink:



OK, call me paranoid, (regarding Eclipse) but I´ve tried another way that works & feels safer:

  • Use M2MStudio to create a new project
  • Manually copy .c and .h files to the src/inc directorys in the new project
  • Use “File/Refresh” from M2MStudio and all your precious files are shown!



But that won’t catch Plugins and other Project settings - will it?


Yep, you will lose every specific project setting this way, importing the projects are the proper way of handling stuff with eclipse. Btw since I’m using eclipse only for wav…sierra wireless development, I just found out how great svn integration it have. After so many things I dislike about eclipse, this is one I love :wink: