MC7455 bricked after firmware update


I am working with a MC7455 module, trying to get it connected to the Sprint network. When we received the modems from the distributor, they came with a generic firmware, and Sprint advised that the carrier specific firmware with correct PRI would be needed. I proceeded to download from the Sierra Wireless website, and also downloaded and installed the Windows drivers. The modem was connected to the host device with an external USB-adapter.

When attempting the firmware update process on Windows 10, the software ran in a command-line window for a few steps but halted on a step called “Activating Selective Suspend…” (or something similar) for several minutes before closing unexpectedly. As of now, the modem does not show up under Device Manager, and does not present any USB or serial interfaces to any computers when connected.

Is there special hardware required for updating the firmware on these devices? Is there a way to bring the device out of any sleep or suspend states it may be in? Or is the device just dead?

In device manager under “Ports (COM & LPT)” and “Network adapters” what all do you see when the MC7455 is plugged in and powered on?

When plugged in there isn’t any change in device manager in Windows. I have not checked in linux if it is detected with lsusb.

Yes lsusb from Linux will be helpful. The modem should present at least one USB interface if it powers on. It is very unlikely that performing a FW upgrade bricks the modem.