MC7304 firmware upgrade failed


I have Windows 10 running it keeps telling me Firmware Download Failed for mc7304 :open_mouth:
I need version running to avoid the 350 error bug.


FDT version 5.0.1501.1
Checking modem mode ...
Disabling selective suspend ...
Switching device boot & hold mode

Firmware ware download failed
Primary error code : 4 - Device is removed
Secondary error code: 0 - Not applicable
Device error code: 0x0 - Succesful
Total time elapsed: 64781 ms.

Then it removes the device from the Windows device manager.
How do i upgrade my FW?? now…
Any ideas?



Hi Stefan,

How about the latest FW updater?

The mentioned issue was fixed in 5.5.2x.0, latest FW should include the same and with even more improvement/carrier approval.

Also, may I ask the original FW version and carrier used when you face 350 error?

Thanks for you response Lotam. Yes, i used the lastes FW Updates with no effect.
I have the 0.16(2014) firmware loaded on my MC7304.

Mabye i should try to use a different OS than Windows 10?



I’ve found the problem.
The firmware tool only works in Windows 8.1 and not in Windows 10.
I solved the problem by temporary switching to Windows 8.1 and upgrading the firmware.
My error 350 is gone now to :smiley: