EM7305 Firmware Upgrade


I have an Airprime EM7305, and I recently downloaded the latest firmware from Sierra WIreless website.

The problem is, I don’t know how to upgrade the firmware, and I don’t want to take the risk and replace the actual firmware files with the new ones C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless…

Does anyone know how to do it ?


What the purpose for firmware update ? Any missing parameters or other add-in parameters ? I’ve installed MC7304 on X220T running Windows 7 Pro 64bit and already updated with latest firmware to enable voice without any errors. I believe if you had downloaded that firmware from “sierra source” site, shouldn’t be any errors.


Exactly I’ve downloaded the firmware from Sierra Wireless Source website.

Well, the reason is I’m just curious to update the firmware and look for new features and fix SMS sending errors.

Can you tell me how you updated yours? what method did you use?


I believe that firmware is in “executable” file and make sure not connected to internet. just run that executable file where that file running “foreground” and ended with hit “return key”. Please not down current firmware level and new firmware level.