How to find older firmware for MC7403


We have a legacy solution using and MC7304 modem that has been verified to work with the following firmware:
Revision: SWI9X15C_06.03.32.02 r26426 CNSHZ-AR-BUILD 2015/01/16 01:32:41

We are now in the situation where we need to replace some of the units and the new MC7304 units behave differently. I have tried to figure out how to reconfigure our solution but without any luck. So my best bet is to downgrade the new MC7304 modems to the firmware revision stated above. Unfortunately I am not able to locate the software anywhere.

Can any one point me in the direction of where i might find the above revision of the firmware?

Thank you very much.


The MC7304 firmware (as with all of the MC firmware) is released in different build package for all of the operators. The below link takes you all of the firmware packages that are available.



Hi Matt.

Thank you very much. Unfortunately I was not able to locate the desired package from the list in your link, but our supplier has just returned with a .rar file that should contain the correct SPK file.

Now my next task is to figure out how to install the firmware using Linux tools. Any suggestions?



Use the Firmware_download sample application contained in the SDK (link below). I have attached an example showing the application running.


Firmware download command line.txt (884 Bytes)

I have successfully downgraded firmware and it is working.
Thanks again.


is there a firmware history of the Em74xx too ?

Couldn’t find on the website

Does the fw release note help?,-d-,0-crn-release-note/#sthash.3FvWBiqw.dpbs

You can also see here on an example to find old fw: