MC7304 firmware versions

I see from that the latest firmware release for the MC7304 is SWI9X15C_05.05.58.00. Our cell modems, which are a few years old now, contain firmware release SWI9X15C_06.03.32.02, which appears to be a larger number, and so I would assume a newer release?
Am I mis-reading the “” part? Does that actually mean something else?

I’ve not been able to find a page of previous firmware releases to compare against.



The latest MC7304 firmware versions are contained here on the Source site:

I am not shoeing the “” firmware build, and are you possible reading this from a Sierra Wireless AirLink modem/gateway product? The link I provided above is for the embedded AirPrime modules.

This is from a AirPrime MC7304 modem, purchased in 2016 I beleive.
The output of a call to SLQSSwiGetFirmwareCurr() returns fwvers =

Do you know if there is anyway to see a list of all previous formware releases on the sierrawireles website?


beta versions of the voice/VoLTE enabled MC7304 firmware 06.x were made available in 2015/2016 but AFAIK no official firmware 06.x version has been released later.

@bevis: please be careful when trying a firmware downgrade to version 05.x as doing so might potentially brick the MC7304.


Firstly, the MC7304 is reaching an EOL and you should be moving to the MC7430 or M.2 version EM7430.
You can find all of the firmware versions on the
As also mentioned, it is not advised on the MC73xx to downgrade from the 06 to 05 firmware.

Thank you!
We are aware the MC7304 is end of life, but we have a large number of them already in use which we need to support.

OK and so please refer to the Source site for the latest firmware.